Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Up the Mountain

After freezing all night because we could not keep the fire lit in the stove, we starting packing our frame packs to head up the mountain for a few days at our remote camp.  Weather was cool, but sunny and very plesant.  

See Bill hike...see Bill hike some more...see Bill get a blister!

After about 3 1/2 minutes of hiking Bill wore blisters on his feet and we halted our mountain assault for some first-aid.  Jarod seized the opportunity to down a brew, strangely enough this 9am break was not his first beer of the morning.  

Nothing says good morning like Budweiser! 

On the move for about 3 hours, we finally made "Andy's Camp".  Andy (Jim Shockey's Brother) maintains a camp deep in the woods from about July until the snow runs him down.  The camp is pretty amazing and well stocked.  Upon arrival we were invited into camp and treated to a chili-dog lunch (not recommended when sharing a small tent!).  After a brief rest, some words of "woods wisdom" from Andy and some additional first-aid for Bill, we thanked Andy for the hospitality and continued on our way.  Now at 11,800 feet of elevation we are at the tree line and sucking wind.  Five more hours of trekking across a couple of passes along the tree line found us at our remote camp.

Remote camp and hunting outpost deep in the woods!  

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