Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go West Young Man

Just got word that Bill is on the road heading to Great Bend, KS from Omaha,NE.  We plan to meet-up around 7am tomorrow and chart a course to Durango,CO.  Word from our camp is encouraging!  There are several elk in the area and there has been a couple of monster bull sightings in the past couple of days.  The rut is heating-up and the bugles are becoming more frequent.

Just read this quote about the area we will be hunting:

"The San Juan Mountains, located in Southwestern Colorado, are reported to have some of the best elk hunting anywhere. It is estimated that Colorado's elk population is just under 300,000, and it is also estimated that Colorado has two times more elk than any other state. This makes San Juan Mountain elk hunting popular for those elk hunters looking to bag that record bull. However, since some of the peaks of the San Juan Mountains rise to 14,000 feet and there are many slopes and ridges, it is important for elk hunters to be in good physical condition before heading into the San Juan Mountains. Covering about 12,000 square miles in Colorado, much of the San Juan Mountains are very remote with some areas, approximately 40 square miles, having no paved roads. Much of the area is accessible only by jeep or by foot. The San Juan Mountains are located in Game Management Units 70 through 78."

I am ready to roll!

White pony loaded and Colorado bound!

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