Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1 & 2

After driving about 9 hours we finally made it to Durango, CO.  Just love the smells of Western Kansas feedlots in Dodge City & Garden City!

Scenic turn-out just outside Durango
Thursday night we met up with Brad Roach for BBQ dinner, Brad "Buddy Holly" was nice enough to let us crash at his cabin for the night.  Elevation of 9,890 is kicking my butt!

Brad's cabin....sweet!!!  He built the whole thing with his two hands!  

After a good nights sleep, it was goodbye to civilization (beds, toilets and showers).  We met up with Jarod and headed up the mountain.  The drive took forever, but provided some entertainment when we picked up some hitchhikers!

These two jokers were "hiking across America" pretty sure they were common hippies looking for hand-outs.  After a short ride up the mountain, we dumped them for fear they were pocketing our Snack Pack Puddings.

Finally after a long drive on a 4x4 jeep road we staked our claim and set-up base camp.  Our WWII edition canvas tent weighed 2-tons and was complete with antique wood burning stove!  

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