Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lotto Winner

You hear stories all the time about first-time hunters having sweet luck, well this is one of them:

After arriving at camp and setting gear it was about 6 PM and we starting hearing several bugles.  The three of us struck off in different directions to do an evening spot and stalk.  With the exception of a close encounter with an immature bull my evening was uneventful.  The last one to return to camp, as I approached, I could hear the excitement and full volume of voices.  Expecting to see an animal in camp, I was instead greeted with Bill's cell phone displaying a picture of his quiver and he asked. "What's wrong with this picture?".  The picture had 6 arrows, five looked brand new and one was trademark blood-red!  After elk hunting for a lifetime total of 2 hours, Bill smoked a 450 lb. cow elk with an amazing 61 yard downhill shot!! 

To fully appreciate this shot you have to see the location...61 yards down a steep hill, in-between two trees about 5 yards apart, double lung pass through!   

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