Thursday, September 23, 2010

Talking to Rocks

After a night of restless sleep replaying the events from the day before many times over, I struck out once again hoping for the good fortune of another encounter.  Things were quite this morning, as I was alone, since Jared and Bill had packed meat down the mountain and were replenishing supplies.  It was a weird feeling to be completely alone in such a remote area.  The more I thought about it, I realized I had gone nearly 30 hours without interaction with another human being (not easy for a socialite).  While down in the river bottom, I came across this waller:

I could tell the waller had recently been used and while inspecting the area, a monster bull elk jumped up which had been bedded down not 15 yards away.  I was completely caught by surprise and could do nothing but stand motionless as we had a stare down for what seemed like an eternity.  This elk looked like he had walked off the cover of Field & Stream, he was a massive 7x6 with a dark stained rack...easily a 360-370 class animal.  As quickly as it began, it was over...he turned and took-off through the timber like a bull dozer.  Talk about a rush!!!

Stopped down by the river and started a small fire and roasted a grouse and did some self photography.


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