Monday, May 16, 2011

Run & Gun in Wyoming

The 2nd Annual Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot was this past week in Hulett, Wyoming.  My hunting partner for the event was Tim Wells of the Sportsman Channel's T.V. Show "Relentless Pursuit".  We had a great time chasing Merriam's on the Redding Ranch.

Hillside view of Redding Ranch
Guided by owner Dave Redding, we chased birds all over the countryside trying to capture a bow kill on camera.  How did the hunt turn-out???  You'll have to wait and watch the video to find out!

Along for the festivities were my two best hunting buddies Benjamin and Brock.  The two boys had a great time running foot-loose in the big town of Hulett.  They were able to visit Devil's Tower and do some serious bouldering and pay a visit to Mt. Rushmore in Keystone, SD.  They got to meet Michael Waddell, Mark Drury and Former NBA Player John "Contract" Koncak.  Ben even got a lesson in turkey calling from legendary turkey caller Mr. Ray Eye.  The boys had a great trip, they saw hundreds of deer, antelope, turkeys and elk, got to go swimming, ate tons of junk food and didn't have to shower for three days...that's what I call a vacation!


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