Thursday, May 19, 2011

Longest Week Ever

When you are sitting at work trying to be productive, retired friends are a curse!  There is nothing more distracting than getting a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon and the retired caller on the other end just wants you to know the fish are biting and they just put number 27 on the stringer.

The next seven days will be filled with distracting fishing reports from northern Manitoba.  Each year we head north to Canada in search of monster lake trout, walleye and northern pike.  The only problem is, half of our group is retired and leaves a week prior to us working folks.  It's difficult enough trying to focus on the tasks at-hand while eagerly anticipating such a trip, but getting calls and photo texts from the lake is just cruel!

This year I will be guiding Steve (father in-law) and Dad (Jerry) on their first Canadian adventure.  This will be my seventh trip and as always the case, the last few days before we leave will be the longest!

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