Monday, April 25, 2011

M2D Camo Works

Sparky Sparks is on a mission to prove his M2D Camo is 'Made to Deceive' long beards in all environments.  Recently, Sparky attended the Kansas Governor's One-Shot Turkey hunt where he and hunting partner Tim Mercer made quick work of two nice long beards.

Prior to hunting in Butler County, Sparky had hooked up with Rick Paillet "the Verminator" where he was able to successfully deceive another wise ol' tom in M2D Camo using his new Fire and Ice call.

Then Tim headed to Washington to do some hunting with Sparky in the snowy northwest and again M2D Camo and the Fire and Ice call were able do their job!

Now, I find out Sparky has scored again, this time in California!  I started hunting in M2D camo about two weeks ago and have been impressed.  The color patten works really well in almost any environment.  You can order M2D camo at:


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