Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two More Fall

The past few days have brought much needed rainfall, but the rain is not the only thing which has fallen.  Two Obsessed Buddies have downed bucks!

Ad Hoc Grim Reaper Pro-Staff Member Bill Maddox punched one of his Nebraska tags with this nice 8-pointer.  Nebraska allows hunters to draw two buck tags, so Bill has this "bird in hand" and is now looking for El Grande.
8 yards with a Grim reaper.  Ran about 60 yards and dumped over in front of me with a heart shot.  There were three bucks within 25 yards of me when I stuck this one.  Grim Reaper "Watch'em Drop!"

Terry "Tooie" Tracy also put the hurt on a nice whitetail this past weekend.  

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