Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flinging Arrows

This past weekend the Pile Boys hit the trifecta at Coon Bottom.  We were all able to put bone on the ground, for Jeff and Dad, it was their first buck with a bow!  Definitely a neat experience to be hunting with someone when they reach a milestone, especially with family.

Lefty on Nov. 13th
It all started Friday night around 5 PM, my hope was beginning to fade with the sun when I noticed a doe approaching from the east.  As she nervously made her way down the hedgerow, she was obviously being pushed by something, as she would pause every few steps and look back over her shoulder.  When she finally made it beneath my tree, I heard a deep grunt echo out of the timber, which confirmed her nervous behavior.   Within a minute or two, I could hear leaves crunching along with more grunting.  By this time, the doe had passed by and was standing 30 yards in front of me.  The moment of truth arrived in the form of "Lefty", a buck which was number two on my hit list.  He walked down the trail and stopped directly in a shooting lane at 17 yards.  After a couple of deep breaths, I came to full-draw and made the shot.  He bucked and ran 25 yards then dropped right on the trail!  

On Saturday morning, I drove around to pick-up Dad and he was already standing at the road.  I notice he did not have his bow, so I inquire to its whereabouts, thinking he had left it in the tree (he is getting older you know!).   He causally says that he laid it out in the field...on top of his buck!  He then points out in the middle of the green wheat field, where I see his first arrowed buck taking a dirt nap!   

Jeff a.k.a Ol' Pudgy Thumb rolled into camp late on Saturday night.  (Seems the whole marriage thing has put some cold water on his hunting!)  After a late night around the campfire, he headed to the stand vowing to shoot the first thing with antlers that crossed his path.  True to his word, by 8 AM, we got a text declaring he had shot his first buck.

No doubt we had a great weekend, one which will be relived in story for a long time, "Remember when the three of us all stuck bucks in the same weekend..."  

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