Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GB Lays One Down

Not one to mess around, my good friend Peter Browning a.k.a, GB, took care of business a couple of nights ago, making him the second of my obsessed buddies to grab a handful of antler.  Peter is a no nonsense hunter who has always preached not to pass on a deer early in the season that you would be happy to take on the last day.  In his own words this is how the deal went down:   

"He came in downwind and fortunately the scent lock stuff did its job!  After I shot him at 15 yards with the Rage Expandable broad-head he ran about 20 yards and fell over. That is definitely my most preferred tacking method!" 

Pete tagging out in early November has put Central-Flyway waterfowl on high-alert and for good reason.  Many ducks have already felt his wrath during the first few weeks of the season and things are bound to get worse for those with webbed feet as GB heads to the marsh with his yearly case of buck fever cured!

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