Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Work & No Play

Work schedule has kept me from the woods lately, but I have managed a few "meetings" amongst the dramatic fall colors.  Trail cam still showing lots of deer and even more coons (praying hides bring $10 this year..$$$$).  Deer still moving mostly at night, but have seen a few new bucks cruising the food plots.  Also saw a nice 10 point with freshly broken G2.  Based on recent observations, I am guessing we are 20 days from mother nature flipping the rut switch.  As rut approaches my ability to focus severely decreases and to make matters worse, good numbers of ducks (saw at least 50 woods ducks yesterday) and geese are showing up at the marsh...I just love this time of year!

Moultrie Game Camera Pic from Saturday

Not all news is good...My brother and life long hunting partner has made the grandest of all mistakes!  A mistake which will haunt him for many years to come.  October and November are the most sacred months of the Kansas hunting season.  During these hollowed months there are two things which should be avoided at all cost: birth of a child and marriage.  I preach celibacy during February and March to avoid a dreaded oct/nov due date and a lifetime of birthday parties robbing one of precious time in the wild.  Just image yourself sitting at ChuckECheese with half-a-dozen 6 year olds running wild, knowing El Grande is standing broadside 20 yards from your favorite stand (not a pretty picture).  Back to my brother and his everlasting faux pas, in a momentary lapse of judgement he agreed to trade nuptials on October 30, 2010.  Seems harmless enough??  Until he realized he was going to be wearing a tux rather than waders on opening day of duck season!!!  Not thinking of the ramifications of his actions, he has sealed his fate and will forever forfeit some prime outdoor time commemorating his mistake a.k.a his anniversary.  I am not saying it is impossible to venture outdoors on your anniversary, but to my knowledge there is only one man alive in the world today which is able pull-off going hunting on his anniversary and remain happily married to a wonderful woman and that is my good buddy Danny Armstrong....I am still trying to learn his secret!  So this year when we convene service in the holy duck blind, we will have a moment of silence in remembrance of ol' pudgy thumb and inscribe this epitaph on his empty seat, "Hope the Honeymoon was worth it!".

Opening day just won't be the same without the short one! 


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