Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Guessing

I am sitting here seriously second guessing myself about letting two nice bucks have a free pass by my treestand!  A wise man once told me not to pass on a deer early in the season which you would be happy to take on the last day of the season.  Call it intuition or just stupidity, but for some reason I have not heeded such sage advice.  Both of these bucks have been dangerously close to being poked by a Magnus Stinger Buzzcut!  Only time will tell if I was a fool to let them pass! 

Anxious to hunt ducks, good buddy Danny had his sights set an 8-pointer which he had captured on his trail camera a few days ago.  My cell phone rings (interrupting me at work, how rude!) when I answer, all I hear is a duck call and an announcement that he is ready to hunt ducks.  Danny smoked the 8-pointer he was after at 20 yards and after a 30 yard blood-trail, he punched his tag!  Now the pressure is on the rest of us to make something happen, so we can meet Danny in the duckblind!

M2D Camo in Kansas

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