Saturday, October 29, 2011

Laying the Quack Down

The droughts strangle-hold has made duck hunting somewhat of a challenge.  However, it's not rocket science, find water...find ducks!  After searching high and low, we found some water and sure enough the ducks had discovered the same. 

Sounds like there are still a lot of birds up North, but with some changing weather the migration should force them South soon.   

We had a great hunt and managed to harvest a diverse bag.  Pintail, Gadwal, Wood Duck, Ruddy Duck, Canvasback, Teal, Shoveler, Ring-neck, Redhead...even a Coot, no discrimination here!

(L to R) Terry, Jim and Peter
Jim, Peter and Terry were in town on some business and managed to pull away for a couple of hunts.  These guys are some of the best around to share a blind with.  On waterfowl hunts, Peter is typically the designated ringmaster, a job which can bring a certain level of stress and tension.  Peter (a slight perfectionist) often looses his sense of humor during the mobilization and set-up periods of our hunts.  With this group of guys, the last thing you want to do, is let them see they are "getting to you".  Jim is like a shark with blood in the water when he senses Peter is reaching a boiling point.  Jim has perfected the art of "pushing" Peter's buttons.  Terry and I found great amusement watching the master at work.  Giving Peter a hard-time provides great entertainment and most would agree he deserves everything he gets and then some!

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