Friday, January 14, 2011

Arranged Marriage

In 1923, twelve avid waterfowlers came together and started a hunting club near Oxford, KS.  They each paid $1,000 (2010 equivalent of $12,600) as membership dues and with the proceeds secured a few hundred acres and built a 60 acre marsh complete with hunting cabin.  Today, the property and hunting club still remain intact and is oasis in the middle of nowhere, offering some of the best waterfowl hunting in Kansas.  Although the original members are gone, the club's bylaws have allowed membership to pass by lineage to subsequent generations.  New members (only a handful of memberships have been granted in the past 88 years) may be added by vote of existing members and with payment of dues, which have remained $1,000.

If this cabin could talk, it would tell some amazing stories...there is still a hidden trap door in the floor from the days of Prohibition.    
The marsh was built for duck hunting with an average water depth of 4' and 20 islands. 

I have had the opportunity to be a guest at the club a few times this year and am amazed by the black clouds of ducks and geese at this private marsh.  The marsh itself is surrounded by a band of C.R.P., approximatively 100 yards wide, the C.R.P. is bordered by massive crop fields of winter wheat, milo and soybeans.

One of the current members has a grand-daughter who is about the same age as Ben, I am trying really hard to work out the details for an arranged marriage, so membership may be extended into our family (Sorry son, but we all make sacrifices and you'll thank me when your'e older!).

Our last hunt was prior to a massive cold front and it didn't take long to get a limit.  

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