Thursday, May 10, 2018

Austin Jones

Life is measured by the profound moments that touch you in ways which are unexplainable.  The moment I met Austin & Jason Jones and the time we spent together qualified as just such a moment.  Being selected to guide Austin during Annual Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot in Hulett, Wyoming was truly an amazing experience.     

The father & son duo have a multi-faceted relationship, Jason (Austin's father) serves as caregiver, chauffeur, Sherpa, and guide.  The selfless sacrifice between parent and child is unparalleled.  When the pair arrived in Wyoming, they had been on the road for weeks logging thousands of miles hunting turkeys from Florida, to Kansas, to Colorado and all points in between!

Austin Jones is a twenty-one-year-old that was born with Muscular Dystrophy and has been on breathing machine, as well as in a wheelchair since he was six years old. Austin feels his calling in life is to inspire other people.  Austin is a bow hunter and tournament archer. Last year, he hunted in seven states and shot 3D tournaments in five. He is chasing the North American Super Slam of big game animals and attempting the Turkey Grand Slam. In 2016, Austin was the International Bow Hunting Organization, World and National Champion in the physically challenged bow hunter class. 

Austin is also a budding filmmaker with wicked talent and produces some pieces for outdoor television. He has been on Ted Nugent’s “Spirt of the Wild”, “Addiction Reloaded TV”, and is currently involved “The Den” on the Pursuit Channel.             

We had a great time hunting, but an even better time hanging out.  Austin has a great sense of humor and he and Ben were relentlessly picking on each other like two old men.  
Austin let Ben shoot his Gearhead X-16 Crossbow, amazingly quite and loaded with top-end features. 
Our time together in Wyoming was brief, but parting ways felt like saying goodbye to close family.  Austin has certainly inspired me to be a better person and Jason has been an example of a father's love. 
Jason was awarded the Brian Scott Gamroth 'Spirit of the Hunt' Award.  This award is given annually to a hunt participant who exhibits sportsmanship to the highest degree.  Jason was  recognized for the unconditional love and support he provides to his family, especially his dedication and care for Austin.  Rarely has an award been given to a more worthy recipient! 

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