Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jump Start

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to hunt ducks and geese in Canada.  The thought of being able to work birds which had not been shot at from Canada to Kansas held a certain appeal. This Spring an invitation was extended to hunt waterfowl in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The owner of the farm promised his property was some of the best in North America.  After a 24-hour drive, I found myself initially disappointed in the landscape.  Referred to as the "prairie pot-hole" region, it doesn't take much to see why.  There are few trees and crop (wheat, peas, barley and canola) fields as far as the eye can see.  The disappointment quickly faded, after taking a closer look, you begin to notice the hundreds of pot-holes scattered around, then you notice that each pot-hole is covered with ducks and geese.

The first evening was spent scouting a field to set-up for geese the next morning.  It didn't take long to find a field which was holding birds.  It was then I learned all land in the providence, unless posted, is open to hunting!  Our first goose hunt saw some slow shooting, but in the afternoon we set-up for ducks and had a four man limit in 30 minutes!  Each day the same routine was followed: field goose hunting in the AM, a breakfast break, slough duck hunting in the PM, then field scouting before sunset followed by dinner.  Never had I been witness to such numbers of ducks and geese.  On one particular pot-hole, which was only 25 yards long and 25 yards wide, the ducks never stopped trying to land on the water. Even when shots were fired, another flock would circle and commit to land...we literally shot ducks as fast as we could load our guns. 

I offer testimony that Canadian waterfowl hunting is amazing!  We shot hundreds of birds and only lacked 2 species of ducks from bagging every species the Central Fly Way has to offer.  I am already looking forward to going back next year and getting a jump start on the season.  


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