Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Duck, Duck, SNOW GOOSE!!

Fresh off a trip to Mound City, Missouri in pursuit of snow geese, I have been reflecting upon this past year's goose season.  The season has had its lows, but they are overshadowed by the highs.  We have been fortunate enough to harvest hundreds of geese this year, both over water and in the field.  Our most recent adventure had us chasing snow geese during the Special Conservation Order.

If you have not had the opportunity to hunt near the Squaw Creek Refuge in Missouri, put it on your bucket list!  Late February and early March, the goose count will soar to over a million.  At daybreak the skies fill with geese and flock after flock pass over-head for what seems like hours.  The small town of Mound City swells with a concentration of waterfowl hunters all looking to extend their waterfowl season.  This year we were guided by the Goose Guru himself, Shawn Eldredge who is regarded by many as one of the top guides in the area.  Shawn owns Prairie's Edge Outfitter's and is one of many quality outfitters in the area.  We are already booked for next year with good buddy Kyle Graves of Top Gun Guide Service. My only advice is to book your hunt/motel early, bring lots of shells and pack plenty of bandages for your trigger finger!  

What a blast with Terry Tracy, Danny Armstrong, Ryan Armstrong, Mark Schulte & Dr. Mark Wellemeyer


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