Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colorado Math

They say bow hunters only have a 25% chance of taking an elk in Colorado. The good news is, according to my math, next year the odds are in my favor and after two unsuccessful attempts I will have a 75% chance of success! On our trip this year, I had three chances to take decent bulls, but passed while in pursuit of a true trophy.  Long story short, I got within about 80 yards of a really nice 6x6, which I hunted for three days, then he vanished never to be seen again.  I guess they don't get big by being dumb and this bull was no exception.  He kept himself surrounded with about 40-50 cows nearly all the time.

All in all this years trip was a good time, the weather was mild and the elk were abundant.  We will be back in the San Juan Mountains next September huffing and puffing in the high altitude with the math on our side.  In the mean time, we are back in Kansas gearing up to put the hurt on some whitetails and early teal.  But first, we are heading out to Lane County to take out our "no-elk" frustration on some antelope.  

Pictures from Colorado hunt:

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